Mock ‘N’ Roll Wall of ‘Fame’

All 20 covers from our Mock ‘N’ Roll project are now uploaded and available to see online. 

We will also be giving YOU the opportunity to Become a Mock ‘N’ Roll Star’ with our workshop at Pick Me Up Festival on the 5th May in the Comms Bureau room. You can find out more about the workshop over on the website here, come join us!

Soft Axis - Tense Prism (2013)

Tokyo Crossing - Blood, Sweat and Fears (2013)

Karma Savannah - Heart Sharp (2013)

Son of a Dynamite - Steam Funk (2013)

Celine Jackson - Call me in Paradise (2013)

Listen to the song here!

Behind the Scenes- Celine Jackson in the Jungle

Storm - Cosmic Sacrifice (2013)

A nod to the incredible artist Storm Thorgerson who passed away in April this year.

Behind the Scenes

Hot Tropics - Slow Gear (2013)

Click here to listen to the song now!

Jerry King - The Damage is Done (2013)

Click here to listen to the song now!

Behind the Scenes - The hero Jerry King gets smoked out by dirty Don Damage.

Lady Cruz - Murder on the Radio (2013)

Behind the Scenes - Whitney stands in for Lady Cruz

Don Damage and the Stallions - Hot Doggin Dog (2013)

Click here to listen to Dons hit single now!