Soft Axis - Tense Prism (2013)

Tokyo Crossing - Blood, Sweat and Fears (2013)

Karma Savannah - Heart Sharp (2013)

Son of a Dynamite - Steam Funk (2013)

Celine Jackson - Call me in Paradise (2013)

Listen to the song here!

Behind the Scenes- Celine Jackson in the Jungle

Storm - Cosmic Sacrifice (2013)

A nod to the incredible artist Storm Thorgerson who passed away in April this year.

Behind the Scenes

Hot Tropics - Slow Gear (2013)

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Jerry King - The Damage is Done (2013)

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Behind the Scenes - The hero Jerry King gets smoked out by dirty Don Damage.

Lady Cruz - Murder on the Radio (2013)

Behind the Scenes - Whitney stands in for Lady Cruz

Don Damage and the Stallions - Hot Doggin Dog (2013)

Click here to listen to Dons hit single now!

Behind the Scenes - Don Damages cadillac has a break down in the studio